Rumor: Netflix 'The Witcher' Casts Major Character, Debut Episode Details Emerge

Another The Witcher casting rumor is making the rounds, and it sounds like The Last Kingdom star Millie Brady has been cast to play the role of Renfri in the upcoming Netflix series.

This time, our source is a NSFW website (Recapped) that, as far as we can tell, specializes in scouting out movies with nude scenes and love scenes. We won't link to the site directly, but we can direct your attention to this reddit thread where fans are discussing some of the juicier details. Unfortunately, the only information the source felt compelled to share with us is that Renfri will be featured in a love scene in the first episode. The scene will feature nudity, and according to the report, this is the only episode in which we'll see Brady as Renfri.

The "WitcherNews" tumblr page picked this rumor up, and is offering a bit of credibility to the report by pointing out that The Witcher casting assistant, Faye Timby, followed Millie Brady on Instagram today. The most cynical among you might argue that someone noticed this, and then fabricated a line of causality between the follow and a casting, but WitcherNews is reporting that Timby followed Brady on Instagram this morning, the morning of October 8, and Recapped reported the casting yesterday, October 7.

Renfri's story is one of the sadder, more brutal origins in The Witcher universe, which is saying something. Renfri's mother, the queen of Creyden, learned through the use of a magical artifact that Renfri was destined to grow up and kill her. Renfri was also though to be cursed and dangerous because she was born during an eclipse, and a hired sorcerer confirmed to her mother the queen that Renfri was indeed destined to do dark and violent things.


This led the queen to put out a hit on Renfri, which was almost carried out successfully. Renfri's would-be assassin, distracted by her beauty, decided that he would try to rape her before ending her life, but she was able to fight him off and stab him in the brain before he was able to finish his mission. After that, Renfri lived her life in isolation, begging and stealing to survive.

At this time, the only confirmed casting we have for The Witcher is for the lead role of Geralt of Rivia, who will be played by Henry Cavill. As soon as we learn more, we'll update you straight away.