The Witcher's Henry Cavill Says Geralt Is Like a Blend of Superman and Batman

Henry Cavill, the star of Netflix’s The Witcher, recently likened his new Geralt of Rivia character to his past Superman role as well as another DC hero. The lead for the upcoming Netflix show said Geralt’s place in the world of The Witcher makes the character “like a blend of Superman and Batman” while detailing how he feels Geralt relates to both of these heroes. He also spoke to the appeal of these types of complexities when it comes to telling Geralt’s story through a TV series.

Cavill spoke to ReelBlend co-host Kevin McCarthy about the role of Geralt of Rivia and how it might be compared to other famed characters, specifically Cavill’s time as Superman. Comparisons were drawn between the two because they both share enormous powers responsibilities while also struggling to fit into the world around them, and Cavill took these similarities one step further by incorporating Batman into the mix.

“There are some strong similarities drawn. Geralt of Rivia is almost like a blend of Superman and Batman,” Cavill told McCarthy. “He’s bigger, stronger, faster than your average person, but he’s also exceptionally good at detective work. And he was orphaned and abandoned, and he’s grown up in incredibly harsh environments and trained exceptionally hard. And so, if you were to take those two characters and blend them together and then put them in a fantasy/medieval setting, then you’d probably get someone like Geralt of Rivia.”

Cavill expanded on those comparisons by saying that Geralt was more like Batman on the outside but was more like Superman internally. Referencing the complexity of a character that’s got so many different personality traits as Geralt does, Cavill said it was interesting to play a character like this within the time a show allows.

“But he’s got more of an external Batman personality and internal Superman heart,” Cavill said. “And it’s really, really interesting to play a character like that because there’s only so much time you have in a show where you can express all those complexities and nuances.”


Cavill has spoken about Geralt multiple times now leading up to The Witcher’s release. One of his more recent interviews saw Cavill again speaking about how hard Geralt has to try to fit into his world, a take on the character which echoes his comparisons to Superman.

Netflix’s The Witcher is scheduled to release on the streaming platform on December 20th.