The Witcher's Silver Sword Spotted in Netflix's Latest Reveal

Netflix’s latest reveal from The Witcher was all about Roach, or at least that’s what people thought at first glance. As it turns out, there was an interesting detail in the image that was barely noticeable by most until the series’ showrunner urged people to take a closer look at Roach’s debut. The horse was carrying more than just Henry Cavill’s Geralt it seems seeing how there’s a pommel of a second sword which confirms that Geralt will indeed be carrying his silver weapon.

Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich tweeted out the photo of Geralt on Roach’s back at the same time that the official Netflix account did, though her message to fans indicated that there was something more to be seen. Hissrich said you could “squint and you’ll see something else in this picture,” and fans were quick to figure out what that “something else” was.

If you look to the bottom-right part of the image, you’ll see something shiny sticking out just to the right of Roach. The Witcher fans honed in on that part of the image and recognized that it’s almost certainly the second sword that Geralt carries to fight enemies that call for something more than just a steel weapon.

For those who don’t remember the earlier reveals of the first official images from The Witcher, there was some confusion and even a bit of dismay over the fact that Geralt only had one sword in his pictures. The Witcher was known to have a silver and steel weapon in both the games and the movies, though the games featured him with both weapons slung across his back. Since that’s where many people know Geralt from, it led many to wonder why there was only one weapon shown.


The explanation for that is pretty simple though and has to do with the fact that The Witcher is pulling from the books rather than the games. Geralt has two swords, but he just keeps the silver weapon on Roach until he needs to use it. That’s exactly what he’s doing in this latest image, though how he gets that sword remains to be seen and appears to be tied to a specific moment in the show, judging from Hissrich’s teasers.

Netflix’s The Witcher is scheduled to be released on the streaming platform in 2019.