Netflix To Adapt 'The Witcher' Into A Series

Geralt of Rivia took gamers by storm with the hit Witcher series, and now he's coming to [...]

Geralt of Rivia took gamers by storm with the hit Witcher series, and now he's coming to Netflix.

The Witcher was originally created by Andrzej Sapkowski, but it will be Lauren Schmidt Hissrich's job to translate the popular book series into a new original series for the streaming giant (via Variety). Hissrich is Witcher's showrunner and executive producer, and she seems well suited for the role, as she's previously worked on genre shows such as Netflix and Marvel's The Defenders and Daredevil, as well as Starz's Power.

Netflix picked up the rights to the Witcher series back in May, which pertains to the novels, not the video game series by CD Projekt Red, though the two will have some obvious overlap.

Sapkowski published the first Witcher novel, Sword of Destiny, in 1992, followed by The Last Wish in 1993. Since then that has grown to include Blood of Elves (1994), Time of Contempt (1995), Baptism of Fire (1996), The Tower of Swallows (1997), and Lady of the Lake (1999). The most recent entry is 2013's Season of Storms, which includes short stories set during the time of The Last Wish.

For those unfamiliar, the Witcher revolves around a group of skilled monster hunters who have the ability to take on beasts of legend thanks to a combination of ancient rituals, training in the magic of signs, and physical conditioning. Witchers have resistance to disease and other infections, as well as night-vision that can be further enhanced with tonics. They also have enhanced strength, endurance, reflexes, and speed, and use signs to confuse, weaken, or dismantle their foes. Combined with their Seel and Silver swords, they are equipped to take down just about any monster, but that doesn't mean they are indestructible.

The most popular of these Witchers is Geralt, who rose to greater fame thanks to the hit video game series. It is unknown if the Netflix series will focus on Geralt, but odds are he will end up involved in some form or fashion.

The Witcher will also be executive produced by Sean Daniel, Tomek Baginski, and Jarek Sawko, and currently has no release date.