New Age Of Justice Chapter Arrives For DC Universe Online

Daybreak Games’ DC Universe Online continues to run along on PC and consoles, and now fans can [...]

Daybreak Games' DC Universe Online continues to run along on PC and consoles, and now fans can look forward to a whole new chapter being added to the game today – Age of Justice!

In the new chapter, players will be taken back in time to 1940's World War II, where a new threat could very well shape the future as we know it by making things different in the past. It's up to Wonder Woman, the Justice Society and the high-flying Blackhawks to fight back and destroy the evil forces that threaten to undo history.

According to the team, Age of Justice will introduce a number of new components for players to get excited about, including new enemies, new allies, new environments, new rewards and a number of other goodies. In addition, there's also a new open-world environment to explore, in the form of the War-Torn Village. However, you'll need to make sure your character is at Level 10+ if you wish to check it out – and it'll only be available in preview form.

The episode, which also goes by Episode 28, also covers multiple timelines and universes, so players can connect with a variety of heroes and villains from the DC Comics Universe.

The team has broken down what to expect from the update in its latest blog post, noting, "Stepping back just a moment, let's all realize it's an incredible time to be a DC Comics fan. There is so much epic stuff happening on the page, on TV, and at the theater. That's why we wanted to bring you guys an EPIC new episode on that same level. Age of Justice will span multiple timelines and universes, connect you with some of the most classic heroes and villains of the DCU, including the Justice Society of America and the high-flying Blackhawks, and put YOU right at the heart of the story the way only DCUO can."

Check out the trailer above, and get ready to hop back into the world of DC Universe Online – for great justice!

DC Universe Online is available now for consoles and PC.