New 'Crackdown 3' Update Now Live, Adds Much Needed Co-Op Improvements

A new update is now live for the Terry Crews simulator Crackdown 3 and for those looking for some [...]

A new update is now live for the Terry Crews simulator Crackdown 3 and for those looking for some solid co-op action, the latest patch is just the thing to make the entertaining game even better.

Being the first update since the game went live, it's not necessarily huge but does tackle a lot of the feedback given by players. Check out the full notes below, courtesy of the game's official website:

Co-op Performance improvements:

  • We also improved performance during particularly long co-op sessions.
  • We are still investigating other fixes, including the 30 fps lock.

Co-op save games fixes:

  • Backing out of the World Select menu no longer overwrites the original selection.
  • Co-op campaigns should now prompt for an empty save slot to avoid overwriting existing world data.

Players should no longer have incorrect prompts to be removed from co-op session

  • When playing co-op, if one person leaves or drops a timer will start, notifying you before it takes you back to the main menu. This was popping up incorrectly for some people in active co-op sessions but should no longer be an issue.

Niemand's air lift open for business

  • There was a small chance if you died during the Niemand fight, that the air lift to return to the boss arena would not be opened properly. This has been fixed.

Tanks bring more BOOM!

  • The Annihilator and Minotaur have had their projectile blast radius corrected to better match their explosive visuals.

Propaganda Towers only rotate one way

  • The rotating platforms on propaganda towers will no longer hitch a few feet backwards during their rotation.

Gaming mice no longer impact menu FPS

  • Fixed an issue where mice with high refresh rate/DPI were causing severe FPS loss in menu and occasionally in game.

Other Misc. Fixes:

  • Fixed a rare case where vehicles would be catapulted away during collisions.
  • Fixed issue with supply points not changing to blue in co-op.
  • Tons of audio and VO fixes.
  • Lots of other tiny fixes.

Crackdown 3 is now available on Xbox One and Windows 10. To learn more about what we thought of the title, you can check out our full review here with a snippet below:

"Overall, Crackdown 3 is pretty disappointing, but it's hard to tell if part of that was the huge wait time for that. This is a game that's been in development for a long time, and though it does have its charming moments and witty one-liners, it feels like an unenthusiastic attempt at a revival for a franchise that was better off being left in the last generation."