New 'Fallout 76' PvP Mode Coming Soon

Though Fallout 76 does offer PvP currently, many feel that it's watered down and too restricted to [...]

Though Fallout 76 does offer PvP currently, many feel that it's watered down and too restricted to be called a true PvP experience. Bethesda was very clear before launch that they were paying special attention to what players wanted from the online wasteland and because of that feedback, they are preparing to launch a new game mode that let's players take on the wasteland without restrictions.

"We're also hard at work on a new mode where you can work together, or not, without PVP restrictions," said the studio in a recent blog post. "We're already having fun playing it at the office and we're hopeful to roll it out to all of you sometime in the first quarter of the year."

But that new game mode is only one of many changes ahead. The team also teased a few other changes, including the dreaded Lever-Action Rifle reload animation. "In mid-January, we will be releasing another patch that contains many fixes, including fixes for the Lever-Action Rifle reload animation, some perk cards, and we're dealing some crowd control at the Whitespring by implementing a fix for the robots duplicating on the resort grounds. Full patch notes will be available at a later date that covers all the fixes featured in this update."

Bethesda also promises that they want to continue being totally transparent with their players and will attach developer notes in addition to the patch outline to share the reasoning behind certain changes, additions, and in-game removals.

This all is a part of their "look ahead" following a recent patch that just went live that fixed a critical enemy bug that prevented foes from taking damage and gave them replenishing health.

Unless something major happens, the most recent patch that deployed on December 19 is the final planned update before the new year kicks off. With live events and so much more content on the way, it will be interesting to see what's next for the online wasteland.

As for the game itself, Fallout 76 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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