New PS5 Model Spotted in the Wild

A new model of PlayStation 5 has reportedly been spotted out in the wild just one month after [...]

A new model of PlayStation 5 has reportedly been spotted out in the wild just one month after reports of a leaked new PS5 model made the rounds. At the time, the report indicated that a new PS5 model of the all-digital version of the console, CFI-1100B01, was on the way, but according to new reports, an upgraded PS5 model for the disc version of the console, CFI-1102A, has appeared in Australia. What exactly the new model might include is unclear as of this moment beyond one significant change: the stand.

As Press Start notes, with photos to seemingly prove it, the PS5 disc version model spotted in Australia, CFI-1102A, includes a new screw that is adjustable by hand for the stand rather than the original screw, which required a screwdriver. The previous report about the PS5 all-digital model, CFI-1100B01, indicated that the new models might also weigh slightly less by 300 grams. It's unclear what sort of changes might have accounted for the difference in weight as it seems unlikely that simply changing the screw would account for that. It seems unlikely that PlayStation would make major changes to the manufacturing of the consoles without announcing anything, however, so it seems fair to assume that whatever changes might have been made are minor at best.

As noted above, the updated PS5 disc version of the console, CFI-1102A, has reportedly only been spotted in Australia as of writing, but if accurate, it'll likely be the model that folks start seeing on shelves around the world. In general, the PlayStation 5 itself is now available with the version containing a disc drive running $499 while the all-digital console costs $399, assuming that you can find either of them in stock at one of the various retailers that seem to add more haphazardly every so often. A recent beta system update has significantly expanded the capabilities of the console, including the ability to now install additional storage. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the PlayStation 5 right here.

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