New Documentary Shows Off Rare 'Witcher' Footage, Cancelled Projects

Good news, Witcher fans! A new Polish documentary includes footage from a previously cancelled Witcher title from developer Metropolis as well as the early beginnings of what became CD Projekt Red's hit adaptation.

The documentary, which can be seen below, shows off live adaptations, rendered footage, and pictures and pitches from cancelled gaming projects that eventually led into the franchise we know today. For those that may not know, the highly acclaimed video game series is actually an adaptation of a book series by Polish author Anjrzej Sapkowski.

The full video below is in the original language, but English subtitles are available as well.

The documentary is fascinating for fans of Geralt and the world he inhabits. Seeing the process of conception to, for some, eventual cancellation is incredible. It's a good watch from any perspective, especially those interested in the history of both the books and the fictional world's progression.


From the canned project back in the '90s to those who worked on the story with CD Projekt Red, this documentary gives an inside look at all of it. The beginnings, the end, the goals, and the struggle. You won't regret checking it out if you're interested in learning more about the world behind The Witcher.