New 'Resident Evil 2' Gameplay Footage Shows Off Leon and Ada Wong

Capcom just shared another sneak peek at what's to come with the Resident Evil 2 remake and this time we're seeing even more of the famed Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong.

Earlier this week, Capcom shared some new gameplay footage of Claire taking on Tyrant but now it's time for the spotlight to return to the mysterious Ada Wong. The latest clip shows off exactly what the video is titled, "Familiar Faces," and shows both Leon and Ada working together once more. Even better? This also shows that Ada will be a playable character at some point during the game, which is good news considering that was purely speculation before now.

Another exciting feature of the latest clip is her "secret weapon." The video shows off her overloading an industrial fan which makes her handy to have around when needing to clear huge obstructive objects like that. Why move something when you can blow it up?

Of course it wouldn't be a Resident Evil 2 video if Leon wasn't exploring some creepy underground area and hey - there he is! While he makes his way through the sewers, the clip shows him going toe-to-tow with a giant mutation.

Though the latest video is nothing short of incredible - especially with a playable Wong - it shouldn't be too surprising given the leak earlier this week regarding these two characters. Still, screenshots don't have anything on the real thing and to see this in action is just another reminder of why we should all be excited for the game's release.


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