Valve Reveals New Steam Library Design

Valve is overhauling Steam’s library and injecting some new features into the areas that [...]

Valve is overhauling Steam's library and injecting some new features into the areas that consumers use the most when organizing and launching their games. Rumors surrounding Steam's supposed redesign for various pages like the program's game library have circulated for a while now amid leaks and other whispers. On Thursday, Valve presented at the Game Developers Conference to lay out its plans for the platform's update and shared a first look at Steam's updated look.

PC Gamer shared the image below that previewed Steam's refreshed layout, though it was stressed that this change currently only appears to apply to the library and not the actual store where players buy games. In the new view that the Steam library offers, players will be able to easily filter through the games the owns and the users they're friends with. The friends list is now in the top-right corner, and games played recently will be ordered chronologically at the top of the library. Each game is displayed with sizeable thumbnail icons, a section shows what updates and announcements have been released that pertain to different games, and consumers can see their libraries beneath these sections with different filters available to sort through what's owned.

An Events page was also part of the redesigned look, PC Gamer reported. This Events section of the layout will present players with more updates and other happenings pertaining to the games players have. Streams, game updates, and tournaments were three of the features mentioned that'll be included in the Events page.

"We think of this as the way developers will be able to communicate with players through Steam," Valve's Alden Kroll said. "We want to build the foundation for a communication platform where all the interesting things that are happening in games can find their way to the customers. And the customers that are interested in finding out 'what's happening in games in my library, what kind of events are happening, what's been updated recently, what are my friends doing,' making all that much easier for players to be able to find."

No release date for these updates was provided, but a beta for the refreshed look was said to be released this summer.


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