New Trailer For The Evil Within 2 Shows Off More Terrifying Enemies

A new trailer for The Evil Within 2 was released recently that gives a fast-paced look at some of the terrifying enemies that players will encounter.

Some of the foes that were previewed in the massive amount of gameplay that was uploaded from a livestream, but with so much gameplay to sift through, some of them might not have been noticed. From the grotesque to the deranged – often both – the trailer shows off plenty of ghoulish creatures while also revealing more story details.

Taking place three years after the events of the first game, Sebastian Castellanos returns once again to the STEM world after learning that his daughter Lily is alive. Lily is actually the builder of the new STEM world known as Union that Sebastian has to traverse in order to find her, the entire environment being built from Lily's mind. The enemies certainly don't look like anything that would come from a child's mind though, most of them having extra deformed appendages, sadistic weapons, and other nightmarish creations.

One enemy that was previewed in the trailer wields a flamethrower with what looks like an elongated, improvised gas mask. It shows up more than once in the trailer as it hunts down Sebastian, a reoccurrence that bears resemblance to The Keeper from The Evil Within, the safe-headed butcher that kept appearing at the worst possible times.

Another foe that was previously revealed as The Guardian makes an appearance once again, this time outside of the tight spaces that the buzzsaw-wielding monster was first shown. Like The Keeper, this mini-boss might end up being like Laura from the first game, better remembered as the spider creature that crawled through vents and on the walls in the first game.

Of course, the trailer wouldn't fully embody The Evil Within 2 if it didn't feature plenty of disgusting enemies, but those foes are in no short supply here. With maggot-looking infections spilling out of blown-open heads and boils filling the backs of enemies that'll most likely explode once damaged, those who play The Evil Within 2 should probably bring a strong stomach with them.

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The Evil Within 2 released on Oct. 13 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Currently, Amazon Prime members can save 20% when they pre-order.