New Xbox One Avatar Editor Sees Significant Improvements

Microsoft has teased a 'bigger and better' Avatar system for the latest generation before, though [...]

Microsoft has teased a "bigger and better" Avatar system for the latest generation before, though we haven't had any clear details about what to expect or when it's coming other than "more details on the way."

The new Avatar system was first revealed at 2017's E3 experience and showed off a more individualized system with even greater options, even more attention to detail. The Avatars themselves don't affect gameplay by any means, but they are a neat way for players to customize their gaming experience and let their personalities shine online.

The new overhaul was set to include new props, outfits, cosmetics, even including new additions to allow those with disabilities share their story through the use of these creatable toons. Since Xbox hasn't been forthcoming with a release date, we've had a ton of false starts and rumors about when they'll be here, but it looks like they are starting to roll out the latest update now - at least for a very select few.

The Xbox Insider Program is an incentive to be one of the first of the first to try new features. This will likely be the first wave of people being able to try the new system out themselves, but until then, we have this neat video of the Avatar creation in action thanks to 'DunbarDev'. We can see a much more detailed colour wheel with tons of more options to choose from, updated graphics that look like we could be a part of a Pixar movie, and even more ways to tweak such as fingernails, makeup, facial hair, fingernails, and much more. You can check out the video above at the top of the article to see for yourself!

Hopefully with the latest inside look, we'll be able to get a release date soon! If Microsoft doesn't address it after the shared footage, we're sure to at least learn more at this year's E3 since it appears to be near ready to launch. I'm hoping, because I'm a sucker for character creation in-games and the Avatar system is right up my alley. Plus I can have any hair colour I want ... bonus!