New Xbox Currently In Development, Phil Spencer Confirms


Microsoft showed up to E3 and knocked it out of the park. During the Xbox E3 2018 briefing, not only were we introduced to a mind-blowing slate of new games and exclusives, Phil Spencer also confirmed to the wide world that the team is hard at work on the next Xbox console.

This is the first public acknowledgment from Microsoft, since the launch of the Xbox One X, that a new console is actually in the works. Phil Spencer didn't have much to say about the new console, but he did mention that the next console will continue Microsoft's commitment to deliver the "benchmark" of console gaming.

In other words, expect Microsoft to one-up the PlayStation 5 in power so that it can once again claim to produce the world's most powerful console. He also mentioned work in cutting edge AI and cloud computing tech which, no joke, could revolutionize the next generation of console gaming in a much more significant way than graphics will.

Speaking of Sony, some recent detective work led to our understanding that Sony's engineers are working closely with AMD on their next generation processor technology, and that technology is very likely what will be going in the PlayStation 5 as well as the next Xbox. Expect a significant leap in processor speed, of course, but also in heat management, memory speed, and raw horsepower.

If you're looking forward to marking your calendar, you'll have to keep waiting. Phil Spencer did not mention when we'll be seeing the next Xbox, but if we had to guess, announcing it today could very well indicate a reveal at next year's E3, with a launch in the first financial quarter of 2020. That is pure speculation, of course, but it does seem at all far-fetched.


Fancy new hardware is useless without great games, of course, and fear not! Microsoft showed up today and unleashed a torrent of hype with all of its new game reveals. Additionally, it revealed that it has acquired (or is developing) five new studios: Ninja Theory, Playground Games, Undead Labs, Compulsion Games, and The Initiative. Ninja Theory specifically is a huge win for Xbox players, and it's also comforting to see Playground Games commit to the console.

Well, the cat is out of the bag now. Will Sony step up during its conference to confirm that it's also working on a new PlayStation? How long will we have to wait before we see Microsoft's next behemoth? Stay tuned for all of the latest!