Nickmercs Trolls Dr Disrespect at the Super Bowl

Nickmercs isn't wasting the chance to mess with Dr Disrespect while he still can.

Famed streamers Nickmercs and Dr Disrespect ended up meeting up today at Super Bowl LVIII, and the resulting crossover led to a little bit of trolling. Throughout his career on the internet, Dr Disrespect has made it known that he's a massive fan of the San Francisco 49ers. Not only has the "Doc" talked about his love of the 49ers during his own streams, but he's even created content with the football organization a handful of times. With the 49ers appearing in Super Bowl LVIII, it's not much of a shock that Dr Disrespect ended up going to the game in Las Vegas, but it seems that Nickmercs isn't in alignment when it comes to the team that he's pulling for. 

In a pair of images shared to Instagram, Nickmercs posted him standing alongside Dr Disrespect at Allegiant Stadium. As expected, Dr Disrespect was donning some 49ers merch in the pics, which led to Nickmercs telling Doc, "Go Chiefs." Nickmercs reported that Dr Disrespect wasn't a fan of what he had to say, but that didn't take the pair of prolific Call of Duty streamers from snapping some pics together while the opportunity presented itself. 

You can get a look at these photos of Nickmercs and Dr Disrespect here: 

At the time of this writing, it's not known if Dr Disrespect's own night at the Super Bowl will result in a happy or sad ending. Currently, the game is halfway over and the San Franciso 49ers happen to be beating the Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 10-3. While things are boding well so far, the 49ers led for a majority of the previous Super Bowl between themselves and the Chiefs in 2019, and the Chiefs ended up coming back to win. 

As for Nickmercs, he recently made waves this past week when he decided to finally return to streaming Call of Duty: Warzone. Nickmercs chose to stop streaming Call of Duty altogether last year following a string of controversial tweets that saw Activision choose to remove his skin from Warzone. Since that time, Nickmercs has moved on to playing other multiplayer shooters, but it looks as though he'll now be back to streaming Call of Duty as his main game once again.