Ninja Gaiden-Style 8-Bit Ninja Action Game The Messenger Coming To PC, Consoles This Year

We're always down for playing an 8-bit adventure game, especially if it's got a heavy dose of ninja action. That's exactly what indie development team Sabotage intends to deliver with The Messenger when it comes out for PC later this year.

The game just got an intriguing new teaser trailer, which you can watch above, that sets the stage for the action that you can expect from the platforming/hack-and-slash adventure. It features a ninja taking on all sorts of enemies across different environments, dodging spiked walls and other dangers while using a number of elite ninja skills, including wall grapples, gliding, gaining some extra height with his jumping abilities and more. And that's not including his action abilities, like being able to slice and dice someone into the middle of next month.

On top of that, your character can actually become even more skilled as the game goes on, with a tree that enables you to unlock new abilities and improve upon current ones as you progress in the game. This includes having stronger hit power, taking more damage and more.

There's also hints at possible new character forms, as well as the ability to switch graphic modes within the game, but nothing has been confirmed by the developer just yet.

While the trailer is filled with some intense moments, the game won't nearly be as heinous in difficulty as the older Ninja Gaiden titles. Sabotage has already confirmed that the game will be made slightly easier with the help of unlockable gear. There will also be plenty of checkpoints, so you won't have to worry about clearing sections all over again, as you would in older games.


The only downside to The Messenger is that it only appears to be confirmed for PC and unnamed consoles at the moment. A game like this would feel right at home on specific systems – particularly the Nintendo Switch, a system in dire need of some old-school ninja action. Hopefully, Sabotage will move its development on to other platforms once the game releases, so that others can enjoy the NES-style action.

Look for The Messenger later this year!