Ninja Offers 'Prayers and Thoughts' to Post Malone During Emergency Landing

Update: The private plane carrying Post Malone is preparing to attempt an emergency landing at a [...]

Update: The private plane carrying Post Malone is preparing to attempt an emergency landing at a New York airport. You can watch the landing here.

Update #2: The plane carrying Post Malone and 15 other passengers has now landed with the rapper reportedly unharmed. Original story is as follows:

Popular Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has offered his support to rapper Post Malone in the middle of an emergency landing situation that's been unfolding on Tuesday.

It was reported by that a private plane with Post Malone on board took off from a New Jersey airport blew two tires and was forced to reroute it's course. After being rerouted to a Massachusetts airport to make an emergency landing, the plane has now changed direction once again and will instead be attempting an landing in New York at Stewart Airport, an airport that's located north of New York City.

In regards to the emergency landing situation that's ongoing, Blevins, better known by his on-screen name of Ninja, offered support for the rapper during his ordeal. The streamer tweeted about the situation and extended "prayers and thoughts" to Post Malone while saying that he hoped the rapper's plane landed safely.

Before the plane lands, it's been reported that the crew is first attempting to burn the remainder of the fuel. There were reportedly 3,700 gallons of fuel onboard the plane, but it's unknown at this time how much of it remains and needs to be used before the plane attempts its emergency landing that should now be happening at the New York airport.

Ninja is best known through his Fortnite streams where the player plays the battle royale game for thousands of people at a time as he climbed through the rankings of the most-viewed streamers on Twitch, the popular game streaming platform. The streamer became known to those even outside of the gaming sphere after he played Fortnite with Drake earlier in the year.

He's played with other celebrities, members of Epic Games, and the developers of Fortnite, but Post Malone isn't among those that he's teamed up with. Ninja has voiced his opinion on Post Malone's music in the past in instances such as the tweet below that praised Post Malone's "Psycho."