The Internet Has Reacted To Nintendo Labo In Only The Best Way They Can

It was just about over an hour ago that Nintendo introduced its new Labo project, in which kids [...]

Nintendo Labo
(Photo: Twitter HMK)

It was just about over an hour ago that Nintendo introduced its new Labo project, in which kids and "kids at heart" can put together cardboard build-outs to create new play experiences for the Nintendo Switch. And the reactions have been mixed to say the least, with some people expressing excitement and others putting up humorous memes on the Internet, like they always do.

We've collected some of the best responses to Nintendo Labo, and you can find them all below:

First up is Nibel, who posted a great pic of Shigeru Miyamoto shunning loot boxes in Overwatch, but welcoming a cardboard box with open arms.

Next up is Elton Portiiho, who posted a pic of the Nintendo Labo box finding the best kind of use – hiding Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

The World Ends With Melto had a great image, hinting that Fire Emblem 16 has been hinted at for Nintendo Labo, complete with cardboard armor.

Eurogamer is certainly getting a kick out of the Nintendo Labo "beta kit," which consists of a pizza box.

Origin PC presented its "new" computer kit, made entirely of cardboard.

Telltale Games poked fun at the Nintendo Labo, insisting that Bruce Wayne/Batman already got the jump on all things cardboard.

And here's a fun little Simpsons clip from the masterful Masahiro Sakarai, the director of Super Smash Bros.

A user by the name of @IntroSpecktive thinks Call of Duty is going to rock on the Nintendo Labo.

Here's a look at the Nintendo Labo's launch day, thanks to HMK.

Arby's may have tried to predict the Nintendo Labo in the past. (Of course, we were too busy eating.)

Here's some Ed, Edd 'n Eddy for you Cartoon Network fans, Nintendo Labo style.

And, finally, Kotaku's Chris Kohler summed up what a lot of hardcore fans were feeling with the Nintendo Labo.

The Nintendo Labo releases on April 20th.