Nintendo Shares 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Guide for Finding In-Game Guides

Nintendo guided Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players to the in-game tutorials by sharing a tutorial [...]

Nintendo guided Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players to the in-game tutorials by sharing a tutorial of its own showing them exactly where to look.

Fighting games can be intimidating for newcomers (or even returning players) to break into, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is no exception. Some mechanics have changed as well, but unless players find the tutorials, it's up to them to pick up on what's new either by themselves or with the help of the community. To better bring attention to Ultimate's in-game guides which show players the ropes, Nintendo shared the tweet below. Nintendo's Twitter followers reacted accordingly.

Under the "Vault" section of the menu, players will find a sub-menu called "Movies." Tucked away in that section is a "How to Play" tutorial that'll teach players the basics. Above the "Movies" option is another selection called "Tips" that shows players more information on the game's various mechanics, items, and fighters.

Some people might've already found these tutorials to teach them about new fighters and other mechanics that have changed, but the location of the guides isn't too easily accessible for newcomers who might be looking for a more obvious guide location. As Kotaku pointed out, the guides can be found in more than one location, but the tooltips for things aren't written the same way which could be even more confusing for players trying to figure out which characters to invest time into.

While it's easy to criticize the obscurity of the guides and poke fun about the fact that Nintendo shared a tutorial for finding its tutorials, the timing of the tweet makes sense seeing how it was shared on December 26th. With the holidays now winding down for most people as Christmas has passed, there are likely going to be many new Nintendo Switch and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate owners who are looking to get started with the game and might need some help figuring out where to look.

Those guides will become even more valuable with the game's DLC characters start coming out and players need to know what they're up against. Piranha Plant will be the first post-release character for those who registered their game before January 31st, and Joker from Persona 5 will follow, a character that Ultimate's creator just recently gave an update on.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available for the Nintendo Switch.