Nintendo Switch Buyers on Amazon Get Condoms, Bed Sheets, and More, Instead

It's always frustrating when an online order gets screwed up. There's the initial excitement, followed by dashed hopes, the call to customer service and then, of course, figuring out how to get the right item. Black Friday shoppers in the UK got all that, and a bizarre story to tell, on top of it! According to The Mirror, several people who bought a Nintendo Switch on Amazon received some truly random items, instead. If this were an issue with an SKU mix-up, buyers might have received a different console, or some sort of Switch-related game or peripheral. Instead, they received a random assemblage of items including bed sheets, a facial hair trimmer, condoms and more.

The issue has apparently effected at least a dozen buyers. It has been so prominent that Amazon has released a statement about the mix-up:

"We’re really sorry about that and are investigating exactly what’s happened. We’re reaching out to every customer who’s had a problem and made us aware so we can put it right."

While Amazon's statement is all well and good, and they are giving refunds to shoppers, there is one problem: those shoppers will now have to pay the non-Black Friday price should they choose to re-order a Nintendo Switch.


Unfortunately, while the circumstances are a bit stranger this time around thanks to the items that were shipped out, this issue seems to happen quite a bit with online orders on Black Friday. While buying online is unquestionably more convenient than fighting the crowds, it can lead to other headaches. Sometimes items are rushed out the door incorrectly, or they're improperly packaged and they end up damaged. Either way, customers are the ones that end up taking a loss when the seller refuses to honor the Black Friday price. If Amazon truly wants to make things right, they should find a way to get the correct items issued to those affected at the original price.

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