This Nintendo Switch Dreamcast-Inspired Console Design Is Awesome

There's no shortage of wonderfully designed custom consoles and systems on the market -- but how many remind you of a classic era of gaming?

That's where Extreme Consoles comes in, as the company has posted pics on its social channel of a beautifully designed Nintendo Switch console that's modeled after Sega's classic Dreamcast console.

Labeled the "Dreamcast 2" (one can dream, can't they?), the system features a beautiful all-white system with little blue swirl designs (similar to the Dreamcast logo), along with a matching controller that looks like the classic Dreamcast controller (with the JoyCons snapped in) and a sweet light blue-looking kickstand. You can see the pictures below that show just what kind of detail went into this design.

Dreamcast 2
(Photo: Extreme Consoles)
Dreamcast 3

(Photo: Extreme Consoles)

Dreamcast 4

(Photo: Extreme Consoles)

The design was actually put together by Mass Maiming UK, alongside Mark Williams, who he recently spoke to Kotaku about his inspiration behind the design. "During that generation I really feel like SEGA tapped into the counter-culture that was running through people of my age at the time and games like Crazy Taxi with The Offspring-heavy soundtrack and Jet Set Radio with the innovative style around graffiti art tapped into the mindset of people at the time and was far and away ahead of its competition," he noted. "The Switch as a console reminds me of the Dreamcast in certain ways. Games like Splatoon 2 are clearly heavily inspired by Jet Set Radio."

We also talked a bit with Extreme Consoles about the design of the system. "Ideas came from our client @mazgaminguk -- then we created some concept designs and took it from there to paint the Nintendo Switch console," they said.

And the feedback behind its retro design has been pretty amazing. "Feedback has been very positive about the design more so that we could have imagined," they said. Receiving articles in the press (like this one!) have certainly helped as well.

But the design doesn't appear to stop with the Nintendo Switch. Extreme Consoles was also kind enough to show off a specially designed PlayStation 4 controller inspired by the Dreamcast, which you can see below.

(Photo: Extreme Consoles)

It's a pretty sweet design, complete with a VMU-style touch-screen featuring Shenmue on the front of it. You can also see it a little more closely in the video below, complete with some Jet Set Radio music in the background.


If you're looking to order one of these, Extreme Consoles is interested in hearing your request, whether it's for the Switch system or the PS4 controller (which, yes, we want). "As with most of our custom designs they are made to order to client specifications," they explained. You can reach out to them here on Twitter, or visit their home page.

So, yeah, Christmas is coming, and if anyone feels like buying us one of these, you know where we are.