New Nintendo Switch eShop Sale Features 64 Games For Less Than $1

Perhaps one of the biggest problems gamers currently face is the fact that there are just too many games currently available. Between major physical releases and smaller digital releases, it's simply impossible to play everything on the market. Fortunately, sales help to at least ease some pressure on the wallet, and the latest sale on the Nintendo Switch eShop should do just that. There are currently a whopping 64 games available for under $1. That's pretty hard to believe! While Nintendo has not offered a comprehensive list, players can find out exactly what's available by searching by price in the eShop. Some of these games are available for as low as 19 cents!

It should, of course, be noted that the sale is devoid of AAA titles. Bargain hunters shouldn't go in expecting to find Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, for example. But there are still some treasures to be found! Notably, developer Atooi's Xeodrifter is a steal for just 99 cents. Jools Watsham's game is perfect for players looking for a challenging Metroidvania experience! While that title is strictly a single-player affair, there are also a number of games that offer 2-4 player support. For less than $1, those games could prove to be the perfect way to spend an evening with friends on the cheap.

The explosion of indie games has truly been a double-edged sword for the video game industry. On one hand, it's amazing to see so many unique and interesting games that just wouldn't come from major publishers, but on the other hand, the sheer amount of content available in the various digital storefronts often makes it difficult to find the highest quality games out there. Sometimes, there's a perception of quality based on price, when the reality is that indie publishers are often forced to charge far less than they should just to get themselves noticed.

Perhaps this latest sale will help players discover their latest favorite waiting to be found! At the very least, it should provide the spotlight some of these games truly deserve.


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