New Nintendo Switch Controller Is NSFW

The latest controller for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED has an NSFW design featuring Sonic the Hedgehog. If you've been on the Internet -- even just a couple of times -- you'll know NSFW and Sonic the Hedgehog go together like peanut butter and jelly. The Sega mascot is the subject of a lot of fan art, and because it's the Internet, a lot of this fan art is not safe for your 9-5 eyeballs, especially the Big the Cat collections. The latest NSFW Sonic the Hedgehog design doesn't come courtesy of the depths of Twitter or Tumblr though, but rather HORI, a video game peripherals and accessories company that is perhaps best known for its array of Nintendo Switch controllers. One of its newest controllers boasts a Sonic the Hedgehog design. And while it's unlikely its design is intentionally NSFW, there's no denying intentional or not, it is a little bit suspect. 

The controller isn't out yet. It won't be out until June 9, and it will set Nintendo Switch users back $60. While it's not out yet, it's available to pre-order. Advertising this pre-order, popular Twitter page Cheap Ass Gamer shared a link to the controller, accompanied by an image. The quote tweets are full of people talking about its design. Now, we could go into detail on why people think its design is NFSW, and why many also think it's not born out of an accident, but we don't need to. You can check out its design, for yourself, below, and come to your own conclusions on why. 

(Photo: Hori)

As you would expect, there are some diverging opinions on the matter, as there is every time the topic of Sonic the Hedgehog's genitals come up. Some don't see the NSFW design, arguing that the joystick placement isn't quite in the right place to make this connection. Many don't agree though, which is why many are drawing the connection and asking questions of Hori. 

As always, feel free to share your thoughts and hot-takes in the comments section or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. What do you think of this Nintendo Switch controller design and the debate it has created?