Nintendo Switch Has Surprise Freebie for Players

The latest Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite update added a surprise freebie for all players. More specifically, and in case you missed it, the update includes not one, not two, but 12 new Mario icons for players to customize their profile with, including the most important player icon to date, a Mario Sunshine icon. And unlike the most recent release in the Mario franchise -- Super Mario 3D All-Stars -- these won't be available for a limited time but will be permanent additions.

As always, all of these icons are 100 percent free and can be customized with different background colors. That said, if you are -- somehow -- not a Mario fan then these 12 icons won't have anything for you as they are limited to the Italian plumber. One group of fans particularly disappointed are Xenoblade fans, who are still waiting for the series' first icons on Switch.

Below, you can check out the new icons for yourself, courtesy of the official Nintendo of America Twitter account:

At the moment of publishing, it looks like this could be the Switch's final big update for 2020, but for now, this hasn't been confirmed. As for Switch icons specifically, these are certainly going to be the final ones we get this year as they don't release that often and because Nintendo doesn't have any more games dropping before 2021.


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