Nintendo Announces New Reveal for This Afternoon

Nintendo announced on Facebook this morning that it will be making yet another reveal this [...]

Nintendo announced on Facebook this morning that it will be making yet another reveal this afternoon. The post went up a few hours ago, and says to tune in either on its Facebook page or its YouTube channel to discover a "new interactive experience" for Nintendo Switch. Check it out:

For anyone who can't see the embed, the announcement will go live at 4 PM Central time. The wording here has been a subject of hot debate on the message boards, and I'm sure you know why. It's said to be an experience "specially crafted for kids," or those who are simply kids at heart. Obviously this left anyone hoping for a Smash Bros. reveal or another mini Direct presentation kicking the dirt and cursing their luck, but to be honest, we're still quite excited to see what Nintendo has up its sleeve.

This is exactly what Emily Rogers told us to look out for. You may remember a report we pushed a few days ago saying to look forward to a new Nintendo reveal today. In that report we linked back to some comments Emily made in order to temper everyone's expectations. "If there is any announcement this week," she said, "don't automatically assume that it will appeal to core Nintendo fans and older gamers." Well that was spot on, wasn't it?

In fact, Emily made two other points in her post that I think will be especially enlightening to anyone looking forward to Nintendo's reveal this afternoon. This is what she had to say: "Kimishima has stated that he wants to attract 'new players.' This includes small children and consumers who have barely touched game consoles. In October 2016, Kimishima told Bloomberg that Nintendo was planning for new accessories and add-on hardware. It's very likely that these new accessories will include new software."

All of this seems to line up perfectly with Nintendo's teaser. It sounds like we're about to see a new accessory revealed for the Nintendo Switch, which will open up some new ways to interact with the console, or even with a new game meant to appeal to kids. Nintendo knows that with Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, and Splatoon games out of the way, it's going to have to step up in creative new ways to keep the Switch momentum going strong in 2018. We can't wait to see how it will appeal to families this afternoon.