This New Nintendo Switch Peripheral Literally Blows

Portable video game systems have always inspired a number of unique peripherals. After all, gamers place a lot of importance on protecting their investments, and the Nintendo Switch is certainly an investment, given how difficult the system is to come by at the moment. As such, it should come as little surprise that Nintendo's handheld hybrid has seen its fair share of interesting peripherals and add-ons from third party companies. The latest is the Gamers Mobile Cooler produced by Game Tech. The fan attaches to the back of the portable unit, and should cool down the system by 13 degrees, give or take.

As far as peripherals go, Game Tech's cooling fan has a fairly interesting design. The fan uses six detachable suction cups to attach to the back of the console, and it charges via the included USB cable. While the peripheral is intended for use with the Nintendo Switch, it can also be attached to other devices, including mobile phones. Unfortunately, there is no information on how much heft the unit adds to the handheld. Depending on the peripheral's weight, it's not hard to imagine that it could make things a bit uncomfortable.

Switch Cooling Fan
(Photo: Game Tech)

Naturally, the peripheral's usefulness will vary, based on location. Game Tech is located in Japan, where the summer months tend to have very high temperatures, so it makes a lot of sense to see the peripheral release there. Some Switch games have been known to make the console heat up, as well. While the Switch unit doesn't tend to get overly hot, there are some games that make it run warmer than others. Cooking Mama: Cookstar players in particular have noticed the system getting extremely warm when playing. As such, it's easy to see how this peripheral could come in handy for some players!

As of this writing, it does not seem that Game Tech's Gamers Mobile Cooler will see an official domestic release, but Switch owners can purchase the peripheral from import sites such as Amazon Japan and Play-Asia, for about $30. The item is set to release on May 15th, so players living in climates that get fairly warm in the summer should be able to get it before the hottest months hit.

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