New Nintendo Switch Pro Report Has Nintendo Fans Worried

A new report about the Nintendo Switch Pro has Nintendo fans worried about Nintendo's intentions for the console and what its release could mean for those on the standard Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite. Depending on what report you're reading, Nintendo is releasing the Nintendo Switch Pro, or the Super Nintendo Switch as it's sometimes referred to, sometime later this year or early next year. So far, Nintendo hasn't validated any of these reports with any type of confirmation or even a hint at a new, more powerful model of the best-selling console.

That said, it sounds like the console may be more of a technical leap than a revision. According to the latest report of a credible variety, the console will have a bigger screen and be capable of 4K gaming. If this sounds like a pretty considerable bump, it's because it is, but it may come at a cost for those that don't upgrade.

According to prominent Nintendo insider "NateDrake," who was among the first to relay word of the upgraded console and its features, there will be games made for the Nintendo Switch Pro that aren't made available on the basic Switch and Switch Lite.

"There will be some select exclusives, especially from third-party partners," said the insider. "May not be a big number of them, but I know of at least one."

Unfortunately, this is all that the insider divulges. There are no further details or specifics, and while they suggest it's not going to be a huge concern for Switch players, there's enough here to have many worried that they will miss out on games. While the number may be limited at launch, you'd expect it to grow. And of course, to an extent, this is inevitable, but the Switch is only four years old and the Switch Lite is even newer. In other words, it would be a pretty unforgiving turnaround to expect Switch owners to upgrade in order to play every game coming to the ecosystem.


All of that said, for now, all of this is information of the unofficial variety. While the source in question has proven reliable in the past, it doesn't mean any of this should be taken as set-in-stone official information.

At the moment of publishing, Nintendo has not commented on this report and the speculation it has created in any capacity. It's unlikely this will change, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.