New NSFW Nintendo Switch and PS4 Game Leaked By Amazon

Amazon has leaked another game, this time for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. More specifically, the UK branch of the retailer has leaked that Dead or School is coming to the aforementioned platforms on March 13 via publisher Marvelous. At the moment, the listing only mentions a European release, but there's a good chance it's also coming to the United States on the same day or around the same time.

Developed by Studio Nanafushi, the hack-and-slash action game meets RPG debuted last year on PC via Steam. Meanwhile, it then came to Switch and PS4 a few months later, but only in Japan. Now, at the moment, a western release has not been officially announced, but it looks like Amazon has gone ahead and done the job of announcing that.

"As part of this adventure for a modern-day high school life, Hisako travels across Tokyo using the subway system with each mission being located at a familiar location in Tokyo," reads an official pitch of the game. "Players will travel through and explore locations such as Shinjuku, Asakusa, Akihabara, and Roppongi as they attempt to defeat the zombie infestation overthrowing the city. To aid Hisako’s quest, players will also be able to upgrade Hisako’s weapons and skill sets, as well as unlock entirely new weapons that will make sure the dead stay dead."


At the moment of publishing, there's been no official word of a western release of Dead or School, but that will probably be changing soon. In the meanwhile, you can read more about the game below, courtesy of an official rundown of its key features:

  • Explore Tokyo in a fast-paced 2.5D adventure – Take control of Hisako and explore different areas of Tokyo through the underground subway system while defeating hordes of different zombies and huge bosses.
  • Slice and shoot to salvation – Engage enemies with close-range sword attacks and long range weapon attacks which can be combined to create deadly combination attacks on the undead army roaming the city.
  • Upgrade and customize your loadout – Enhance Hisako’s abilities using money and experience gained during combat with new weapons and skills.
  • Animated cut-scenes with Japanese voice-over – Enjoy cinematic animated cut-scenes with full Japanese voice-over.
  • Japanese indie gem – The highly sought after hack-and-slash indie darling, available in the west for the first time on console.

H/T, Gematsu.