Three Men Shot In Houston During Nintendo Gaming Session

(Photo: Fox26)

Video game violence isn't really that common, although there are those gamers that just can't hold their temper in – and that's when some of them actually do resort to violence.

That's exactly what happened in Houston tonight, as three people were injured by gunshot wounds during a Nintendo gaming session, according to Fox 26.

Here's the full report as it reads:

"Three men are recovering from gunshot wounds after a video game night turns violent also in Southwest Houston. Houston police say a group of people was playing Nintendo at 10:30 pm. last night at the Sharon Park Village Apartments on Chimney Rock. That's when some kind of altercation occurred and shots were fired. Three adults were hit. They were taken to the hospital. It's unclear how many people may have been involved in the shooting.

All are expected to recover from their injuries."


It's unknown if the incident in question was the result of a certain game, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but it definitely sounds like someone lost their cool when they totally didn't need to.

It's Christmas time, folks. Be good to each other.