Crazy New Nintendo Switch VR Patent Surfaces

Last year, Nintendo released the Nintendo Labo for the Switch, which via the Labo VR Kit, brought virtual reality to the hybrid console. However, Labo VR isn't really full-fledged VR. That said, it looks like the latter may still be coming to the Nintendo Switch, if a new patent is anything to go off of. That's right, a new Nintendo Switch VR patent has surfaced, revealing that Nintendo is exploring new VR options for the system, or at least it was. More specifically, a new patent with the Japanese Patent Office has been discovered that dates back to 2018. However, while the patent was filed in 2018, it was just published last month, accompanied by some images of a somewhat rudimentary looking VR device.

As you can see via the concept images below, we aren't talking about a state-of-the-arc VR device. In fact, it's a pretty odd design. Not only does it look uncomfortable to use, but it appears to force handheld mode upon the user. In other words, it looks more like cheaper mobile VR products than a PC or console VR headset.

(Photo: JPO via LetsGoDigital)

Of course, it's important to remember not all patents come to the consumer market. In fact, most don't make it past the conceptual and prototype stages, especially at an experimental company like Nintendo. Over the years, plenty of Nintendo products have surfaced via patents, and many of them were never seen again. That said, at the very least, this shows that Nintendo is still exploring the VR space, a space it's barely dipped its toes in.

Personally, I don't expect to see this come to market, especially considering that Labo VR hardly made a splash for Nintendo. And given the technical limitations of the Switch, this is probably for the better.


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Source: LetsGoDigital