Nintendo Switch Will Reach 25 Million Units Sold This Year, Says Analyst

Previously, Nintendo had a sales goal of 20 million units sold for the Switch console this year. [...]

Nintendo Switch

Previously, Nintendo had a sales goal of 20 million units sold for the Switch console this year. But one research team believes it has the potential to go further, especially with new Pokemon and Super Smash Bros. games in the pipeline.

An Osaka-based firm by the name of Ace Economic Research Institute (ACRI, for short) has noted that the Switch has more sales potential this holiday season than Nintendo believes. In fact, the analyst for the team, Hideki Yasuda, has noted that it will go beyond what the company predicted.

He noted that Nintendo's revenue is expected to reach 1.36 trillion yen for the year, based on an operating income of 330 billion yen. This should continue Nintendo's reversal of fortune with the Switch, compared to how the Wii U performed on the market.

On top of that, he also believes that, by the end of the year, the system will reach 25 million units sold, with 140 million copies of games sold. He didn't note specifically which game would be the best-seller, but there are a number of hits to choose from, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. And that's not counting what the Smash and Pokemon games could do.

The 25 million system sold analysis could lead to even bigger numbers by March, as Yasuda believes that the system's shipment numbers could reach an incredible 42.79 million, which is higher than Nintendo's previous estimate of 37.79 million.

This really depends on what the company does over the next few weeks in terms of Nintendo Direct. While Super Mario Party, Pokemon and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be dependable hits, some fans believe more is needed. Plus, some more details about the company's forthcoming online network would put their minds at east.

We'll see what comes in the weeks ahead. Also, don't forget Gamescom is this week, and Nintendo might just have a surprise or two planned, including a speculated port of New Super Mario Bros U, which would be a perfect fit for the best-selling system. Fingers crossed we see something awesome.

(Hat tip to DualShockers for the scoop!)