Nioh 2 Development Wrapping Soon

The development process for any game can be a long and arduous one. Fortunately for the group at Team Ninja, the development cycle on Nioh 2 is almost at an end. Director Fumihiko Yasuda released a statement (translated by Siliconera) about the game's impending release, stating that weekly updates will be coming, starting next week. The game is a prequel to 2017's Nioh, a title that released to very strong reviews, and a number of nominations for Game of the Year awards. As such, Team Ninja has high expectations for the follow-up. Fortunately, fans won't have much longer to wait to see for themselves!

In his statement, Yasuda thanked fans for the support, particularly those who played the game's beta. The developer seems to be taking the advice from beta testers quite seriously; they released the results of the beta test, and are working to make improvements to keep fans happy. Team Ninja did something similar for the first game, and it seemed to work out fairly well, considering the game's reviews!

The game's regular updates should be a good omen for the final product. Clearly, Team Ninja has a lot of faith in Nioh 2 heading into the final stretch, and that should help get players excited for the game. Considering a number of other major releases originally scheduled for earlier this year have now been delayed, it should also bode well for the impending release date.

Set in 1555 Japan, Nioh 2 takes place during the real-life Sengoku era. The era was marked by military conflict and widespread upheaval. The game is an action-RPG, similar to its predecessor. In the game, players take on the role of a mercenary that wields the power of the mystical Yokai as they take on dark and mystical forces. Described as a "masocore" title, the game should boast a brutal difficulty level. Despite the game's steep learning curve, Nioh 2 will feature a mode where players can call on the spirits of dead players for assist with the current level.

Nioh 2 is set to release March 13th, exclusively on PlayStation 4. The game can be pre-purchased on the PlayStation Store in both standard and Deluxe Digital Editions. The latter will grant players the game's season pass, xDemon Horde weapons, a Kodama Netsuke charm, and a PS4 theme and avatar.


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