Nintendo’s Official Alarm Clock is a Perfect Game Boy Replica


It looks exactly like the Game Boy you know and love (right down to the working buttons), only this version is less about classic portable gaming and more about waking you up when all you want to do is stay asleep. Fun!

Well, the official Nintendo Game Boy alarm clock does play the Super Mario Land theme when the alarm sounds - so that's a bit of fun nostalgia for you. If you would prefer that over your boring smartphone, you can grab one right here for $32.99 with free shipping. The clock is expected to ship on March 30th, but pre-order quantities are limited. If you want yours shipped in the first batch, grab it now. Oh, and guess what? There's a matching watch!


Yes, the watch is basically a miniature replica of the Game Boy replica alarm clock that you can wear on your wrist. Like the full-size version, the watch also plays the Super Mario Land theme when the alarm sounds. You can grab one of these sweet Game Boy watches right here for $32.99 with free shipping. The first batch of watches is slated to ship in June.


You know what would pair perfectly with the Game Boy watch? The official NES hoodie or the SNES hoodie of course. We should point out that both of those hoodies are currently on sale with free shipping, so grab 'em at a discount while you can.


Another great accessory is the NES console backpack which you can get for $49.99 with free shipping. The SNES controller messenger bag is available here for $42.99 with free shipping. There's also this NES wallet that would be a perfect match for the backpack.


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