One Person Playing Both Guns in Time Crisis 2 Is Wild to Watch

For some gamers, it's not enough to simply finish a game: they have to master it, and come up with [...]

For some gamers, it's not enough to simply finish a game: they have to master it, and come up with their own challenges. For some, that might mean beating Halo 3 on Legendary difficulty using a Guitar Hero controller, or completing Pokemon Sword and Shield exclusively using Wooloo. Others still prefer completing their accomplishments in the arcade, just like record holders like Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe do. Over the weekend, one player did exactly that when he completed Time Crisis II in an arcade using both the one-player and two-player guns with just a single quarter for each!

It's pretty impressive to watch, and there's more video in a series of follow-up tweets from @andykhouri. It's very clear the unnamed player has quite a bit of experience with the game! He's also likely had some time to get this good at it. Released in 1997, Namco's Time Crisis II remains a regular staple in arcades, thanks to its strong gunplay and enjoyable cooperative mode, which was not included in the previous game in the series. In 2001, the game was ported to PlayStation 2.

One thing that's great about the video is that it sort of encapsulates why the Esports movement has taken off over the last few years: it's really fun to watch players in their element, doing things that others can't. There's no wrong way to play a video game. Some enjoy finishing the main game and then moving right on to the next one. Others prefer to truly conquer the game, finding every conceivable shortcut and side mission, and becoming the very best they can at it. In a time where there's so many more games available than ever before, there's something to be said for those who still take the time to really get the most enjoyment possible out of the games they love.

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