Ouya's Game Store Is Shutting Down Soon

To say the Ouya never quite took off as a major competitive in the console gaming market would be [...]

To say the Ouya never quite took off as a major competitive in the console gaming market would be an understatement, but its various marketplaces for games have still been supported for years since it released back in 2013. Services which have been supported include The Forge TV, Ouya, and MadCatz MOJO game stores, but with support ending for those services, they'll all three soon be shut down. June 25th is the day Razer will shut down these stores, a day which looks like it'll be the final step in closing out the Ouya's timeline.

An FAQ page on Razer's site shared the details of the console's store shutdowns and explained what would happen to users' Ouya devices. Users shared evidence of emails from Razer being sent out recently that directed them to this page and announced news of the Ouya services being shut down. Games will still be playable on the console if they're already owned before the shutdown, but Razer recommended users contact developers if they have questions about a specific game.

"You will be able to play games via the OUYA platform until June 25, 2019," Razer's FAQ site said. "Once it has been shut down, access to the Discover section will no longer be available. Games downloaded that appear in Play, may still function if they do not require a purchase validation upon launch. Contact the game developer for confirmation."

As for the games that you've already purchased, it's recommended that players download those to the console if they haven't already. Users' accounts will also be closed down alongside the stores, so any games that aren't downloaded before that happens will no longer be playable.

"Your account will be deactivated on June 25, 2019," Razer continued. "After this date, you will no longer be able to access your account, games on the server, previously purchased titles, or be able to purchase new ones. You will continue to have access to games that have been downloaded. Users should download games before June 25, 2019 to avoid losing access after the shutdown."

The FAQ page seen here may answer any other questions you may have about the rest of the Ouya's life, but expect its services to come to an end on June 25th.