Overwatch 2 Confirms Battle for Olympus Winner, Players Think It's Rigged

Following the conclusion of the Battle for Olympus event in Overwatch 2, Blizzard has confirmed which character has "won" the event and secured a statue that will be permanently placed on on the Illios Ruins arena map. Perhaps not too surprising for anyone that has been keeping up, Junker Queen has been crowned the campion of the event, winning with over 43,461,573 kills across the entire event. But there's some thunder brewing in the horizon. Despite the lack of surprise that Junker Queen was the winner, some players are already crying foul and believe that the whole thing was rigged for the character to win.

The controversy surrounding the winner of Battle for Olympus began last week when Blizzard revealed they had been tallying the points incorrectly. Since the event was a free-for-all deathmatch game, with points tallied by Final Blow rather than total eliminations. As a result of this the scoring numbers were pretty widely altered, but then resulted in another change that disadvantaged one character in partular. Something Overwatch players stumbled upon in recent days is that Environmental Kills in the game didn't count as Final Blows in the event, meaning Lucio characters that "booped" others off the map and secured a kill wouldn't have any of their Environmental Kills counted into the total.

"Rigged for not counting the environmental kills," one player wrote in reply. "We chadpoles are rightfully mad (alongside pharah mains)." Another chimed in, writing: "When you rig the results because you don't feel like making a new statue for Lucio." One user added, "Lucio is the true winner and you know it, environmental kills should have been counted!"

Other users however pointed out that the asset for a Junker Queen statue already existed, making her win even more suspect. "Definitely already made the junker statue and just gave her the best kit to make sure she wins," said one user. Another, citing the number of players picking other characters, added: "Man the 2 people I ever saw playing Queen must've really been on that grind."

Something that is of note for salty Lucio players and Pharah mains is that the wording on Blizzard's announcement tweet has a curious inclusion.  When confirming who would be getting a statue, Blizzard's tweet specifically says: "The winner of the first annual Battle for Olympus," implying, at least in part, that Battle for Olympus will be back sometime next year as well.