Overwatch 2 Goes Down Following Server Issues

Overwatch 2 appears to be down following server issues. Overwatch 2 is one of the biggest games that was released in 2022 and although millions of people are enjoying it, it has been overshadowed by pretty frequent issues since day one. As soon as the game launched, Overwatch 2 was hit with a DDoS attack and the servers were in a pretty rough state for days. It was just one of many things preventing players from enjoying an otherwise great game and although Blizzard made up with it with various in-game goodies, it was a bad first impression to the long awaited sequel.

Now, Overwatch 2 is getting hindered by some pretty severe server problems. Down Detector and players on social media noted they were unable to log in to the game and ComicBook was able to verify this. When you launch Overwatch 2, the game will say it's "connecting" for a while before giving you a simple error message that reads "Disconnected." Players also noted they were kicked out of their games, including competitive matches, causing immense frustration. Blizzard noted there was an issue with its servers about an hour ago, but it seems to be impacting a large amount of players now. As of right now, we have no idea when the situation will improve or if there are any workarounds at the moment.

"We are aware of an issue that is affecting our authentication servers, which may result in slow or failed login attempts," said Blizzard on Twitter. "We are currently investigating the cause and will provide updates as they are available."

Server issues aren't a totally new issue and it's likely Blizzard will resolve this sooner rather than later. Given it not only causes players to get off the game, but also is a potential loss of revenue since players won't be buying skins and such, Blizzard will feel a sense of urgency to get things working smoothly. As of right now, we'll just have to sit tight and wait for more information.

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