Overwatch 2 Isn't Making Changes to Controversial Character Anytime Soon

Blizzard is well aware a few Overwatch 2 characters, in particular, have contentious reputations among fans of the hero shooter, but at least one of these characters isn't getting any changes anytime soon. Following extreme server congestion at launch, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X have been enjoying OW2 as much as their heart desires. That is, unless they have a Moira player in their team because if they do there's a decent chance they aren't enjoying their time.

If you've played Overwatch 2 you'll know that while Moira is a support character, many don't play her that way and instead treat her like she's a DPS character. And to be fair, she's fun to play this way, but if you need heals and you see a Moira on your team you could be in for a long match. In the past, Blizzard has promised changes are coming to the character. Yesterday, this was followed up by an update that made it sound like these changes aren't happening anytime soon.

Over on Twitter, Lead Hero Designer on Overwatch 2, Alec Dawson, noted that Blizzard has some ideas on how to rework the character, but these changes won't come until "down the road a bit." Further, when these changes arrive they will attempt to preserve the character's flow and approachability. 

"For Moira, want to make sure we get it right," said Dawson. Tons of people love her playstyle, so we want any added utility to not break her flow and approachability. Have some ideas, but down the road a bit."

Unfortunately, what exactly these changes are isn't said. Of course, introducing additional support characters could help alleviate the problem a bit but the reality is many players would welcome a rework of the character.  As always, feel free to leave a comment or two or 47 letting us know what you think. What changes -- if any -- should be made to Moira? Does Blizzard need to add more support characters to the game?