Overwatch 2 Insider Provides Update on New Heroes, Release Date, and More

A prominent Overwatch insider has provided an update on the development of Overwatch 2, and it's [...]

A prominent Overwatch insider has provided an update on the development of Overwatch 2, and it's not going to be an update many fans of the series looking forward to the sequel will want to hear. During a recent Twitch stream, Overwatch insider and leaker, Metro, shared his latest update on the game's development, noting many good things, such as that all of the new heroes are done, all of the multiplayer maps are done, and even he even noted that the single-player campaign is done. By this alone, it sounds like the game is ready to release soon, but Metro ensures it's not, noting that the development team is having a very hard time with hero balance, particularly when it comes to pre-existing characters. Exasperating this issue, according to Metro, is the fact that this work didn't begin until fairly recently.

"So from what I've gathered, the heroes are done, mostly. The new heroes they want to add for Overwatch 2 when it releases are done," said Metro. "And they have the single-player campaign done, basically. And they also have the maps done for multiplayer. They have all of them done. The thing they have not done is they did not consider reworking any heroes. For example, last time they showed the updates for Overwatch 2, the sneak peeks... they hadn't even considered how McCree may be completely busted with a stun in Overwatch 2. So now, after people told them, they now realized that they will need to rework heroes that they hadn't even considered. So, now, they are going 'oh f**.'"

Metro continued, spilling over into a rant about the game's development:

"It's like the devs have no clue how the game works. We know that. They've shown us time after time over the last five years that they don't have a grasp on the balance and the workings of the game. They know how to make beautiful games, beautiful looking maps, they know how to make appealing heroes in sense of looks and character, but in terms of gameplay, they've shown time and time again they have no clue. At this point, just hire someone who knows. They have pros. They have Overwatch League pros. Bro, they have pros who play the game for a living, ask them how to balance the game. They will all give you really good feedback, but they won't."

If any of this sounds familiar, it's because this isn't the first time Metro has relayed word that the game is having development issues. Meanwhile, other sources have echoed this as well. Unfortunately, for both Blizzard and fans, game balance -- especially when you have this many characters -- is very tricky. While it sounds like a bulk of development is done, getting the balance right between all the heroes could take a long time, especially if the team is having as much trouble as Metro suggests.

All of that said, for now, take all of this with a grain of salt. While Metro has proven reliable on several occasions in the past, it doesn't change the fact that all of this information is 100 percent unofficial.