Overwatch 2: How to Get Soldier: 76's Free One-Punch Man Skin

Overwatch 2's big One-Punch Man crossover event is finally live with One-Punch Man skins added to the store now for players to purchase. Those include a skin for Kiriko as well as the main One-Punch Man skin for Doomfist that turns him into Saitama, and while the vast majority of the skins are paid cosmetics, there is one skin that players can get for free. That skin is for Soldier: 76, and to get it, players don't have to do anything more than simply playing the game itself (though winning matches will expedite the process).

The skin in question was revealed previously ahead of the start of this event and can be seen in the trailer below alongside some of the other cosmetics. It turns Soldier: 76 into Mumen Rider complete with the recolored armor and the One-Punch Man hero's signature green headwear.

Instead of buying this skin, all you have to do to add it to your collection is complete one challenge. It's called "Becoming Mumen Rider," and to complete it, you only have to complete 24 different matches. It doesn't specify what kind of match is required, so it looks like whatever you want to play will fit the requirements here. 

Wins also count double towards the progress of this challenge, Blizzard said, so if you're on a win streak and can win 12 games in a row, you'll half the time it takes to get this skin.

That win condition is true for the rest of the challenges as well. Those also task players with completing games to earn rewards like a weapon charm modeled after Saitama's glove as well as other accessories for Soldier: 76. The skin itself is the grand prize from these challenges, so once you get that, you'll have gotten everything else already.

This sort of easy challenge should be a welcome sight for those who've been disgruntled with how past events were handled. The Battle for Olympus event, for example, tasked players with getting an obscene number of kills spread out throughout different heroes if they wanted all the rewards. Blizzard acknowledged the frustrations previously and said that it would act on that feedback in future events, and it looks like that's exactly what's happened here with the One-Punch Man crossover.