'Overwatch' and 'Dark Souls' Collide In This Fan Video

Overwatch and Dark Souls ... not exactly two franchises most would throw together but leave it to YouTube to do just that. Not only do it, but do it well! You've heard of the 'Prepared to Die' edition, now get ready for the 'Prepare to Die, Die, Die' spin.

The epic mashup comes courtesy of the YouTube channel 'TGN' as they put Overwatch into an entirely different light. According to the video's description, "We decided to create what Overwatch might look like if it was a Dark Souls game! This took us a lot of time to make so we hope you enjoy it! Praise the Iris!"

Zenyatta mains will think that last bit of "Praise the Iris" is pretty funny. If not, do you even Zenyatta bro?

The match itself is pretty standard but the UI and music enhancements really make it. The blend of the endorsement system with the main menus makes it particularly gold and of course the option to "report bonfire."

The skins equipped for Roadhog and Brigitte are also perfect for this set up and though simple at first glance, this mashup was perfectly executed.

You can check out even more of their incredible videos right here, with tons of Overwatch videos to enjoy! For more about the channel itself:

"Welcome to TGN. We make Overwatch videos with creators from across the globe. We cover topics that range from facts about Overwatch, to speculation and theories about Overwatch lore, to Overwatch community creations and opinions. TGN was founded and is currently operated by gaming content creators. We love what we do, and we are grateful to have you as a part of our community."

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