Blizzard "Looking Into" Adding Big Feature to Overwatch

Blizzard has confirmed it's looking into adding a big feature to its team-based hero shooter, Overwatch, on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. More specifically, the developer is looking into adding cross-play to the game, something fans have been asking for a long time. That said, while Blizzard continues to look into cross-play implementation, it also insists adding the feature isn't just a few buttons to push. According to Blizzard, gamers don't realize how difficult it is to add, and so for now, it looks like the feature may never come to the game. Producer on the title Wes Yanagi admitted it's a "compelling feature," but also suggested to not cross your fingers too hard in hopes it will come to the popular 2016 game anytime soon.

"Cross-play is something that would definitely be compelling for players, and as a player, I would love to see it happen," said Yanagi while speaking to our sister site GameSpot. "The truth is that implementing cross-play for Overwatch is more difficult than people realize."

Despite the inherent challenge of adding this feature -- not to mention the resources involved -- Blizzard is looking into adding cross-play to the game. "We are exploring how to bring this to Overwatch, but do not have anything to share at this time," said the producer.

As you may know, more and more games are adding universal cross-play, and with the feature coming out of beta on PS4 this week, a lot more games are likely to add the feature going forward. In other words, it's going to be increasingly out-of-place for the hero shooter not to have cross-play. There's been plenty of smaller developers, with far less resources, that have added the feature to their game, but, of course, the reality of adding the feature is different for every game.

Overwatch is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Further, while there's still no word of a Stadia port, we do know the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 15. For more news, rumors, media, and information on the Blizzard shooter, be sure to check out all of our previous and extensive coverage of the game by clicking right here.