Blizzard Teases "Different Types of Games" Set in the Overwatch Universe

(Photo: Blizzard)

The Overwatch universe is begging to be explored more. The lore, the characters, the settings have all been well-realized, and a lot of fans have been begging Blizzard to do something with the universe. That said, Blizzard is well aware that the universe of Overwatch -- and many of its IP -- would be great for multiple different types of games.

Earlier this week, Blizzard president J. Allen Brack revealed that the developer has more games in development than ever before. Could one of these games be set in the universe of Overwatch? Well, in a new interview with Game Informer, that's exactly what Brack seems to be teasing. And when you couple that with Activision saying back in May that it has big plans for the Overwatch universe, well it all screams new game or games set in the shooter's universe.

"We also think that there are a lot of different types of games that can exist within the IP’s that we have,” said Brack while speaking to GI. “If we think about the Overwatch IP for example, we think about the Overwatch IP as being extremely large and extremely all-encompassing. Overwatch, the game people experience today, is just being a very small part of what that IP could be.”

“We think that a lot of these franchises have the ability to have lots of different types of games, lots of different types of experiences."

That said, while Blizzard wants to focus on expanding its current IP, Brack reveals that there is also some desire to create new IP as well.


“Having said that, it was 18 years between the introduction of Diablo, which is the last Blizzard IP, and the release of Overwatch,” said Brack. “That’s a long time to go without creating a new franchise. So we want to create more games in our franchises and we do want to think about new franchises as well.”

As you can see, Brack more or less confirms that there's more Overwatch coming, and that it probably won't just be in the form of another hero shooter. Elsewhere in the interview, Brack used Warcraft as an example of what it could do with the Overwatch universe, which is to say, stretch it out across all different types of games and media.