Overwatch: Watch Genji's Corpse Win Play of the Game

(Photo: Blizzard)

There's not many things better in gaming than winning Play of the Game in Overwatch. Whether it's a match-saving revive or mowing down the entire enemy team as Bastion in turret mode, the feeling of everyone watching your play at the end of the game is a great feeling.

That said, while the Play of the Game algorithms have been improved since the game's launch, they are still far from perfect. For example, they over reward certain types of plays, and completely ignore others. And then sometimes it downright doesn't work as intended. And one Reddit user has shared perhaps the most compelling case yet that Blizzard still has some tweaking to do.

Yesterday, said Reddit user shared a short clip of a Play of the Game from a recent match where Genji's corpse won the Play of the Game for absolutely doing nothing. Literally.

Genji's dead body gets PotG from r/Overwatch

As you can see, the Play of the Game footage features a Genji player dead, watching the action, before respawning and running for a little bit. And that's it. There's no Dragonblade attempt, or an impressive run of counters. There's literally no action, or at least any action involving the Genji. Yet, somehow, the Play of the Game system awarded the play as the best of the game.

How this happened, who knows. But it shows that the Play of the Game system is in dire need of improvement. However, it has been in need of considerable improvement for quite some time, so who knows if it will get it anytime soon. It appears to be a much more complicated issue then any of us can understand, otherwise Blizzard would have fixed it already.

This is also another example showing just how OP Genjis are. Even when they do nothing, they are, apparently, changing the course of a match!

Overwatch is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment of writing this, there is no word of a Nintendo Switch release.


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