The Developers Of Oxenfree Return For Another Round With Its Latest Project, Afterparty

Afterparty Outdrink The Devil

Oxenfree is considered one of the better indie hits making the rounds right now, thanks to the savvy developers over at Night School Studio. But now, the team is back and focusing on an even bigger project, one that asks you to do the unthinkable – try to beat the devil at drinking.

The game is called Afterparty, and it was announced earlier today as part of IGN’s first program. It’s an adventure game based around one incredible evening during a pub crawl in Hell, in which your job is to try and make it into Satan’s exclusive afterparty, and then challenge him to a drink-off and beat him at his own game.

In the game, you’ll take control of different characters, namely Lola and Milo (who you can swap between) as you make your way through Hell, following their imminent deaths. They opt to find a way to escape the confines of the fiery pit, but find that the only way they’re able to do that is to beat Satan at something – anything. But that’s certainly hard to do, since he always finds a way to conquer his competition.

Satan is described as a “Rocky Horror Kanye West,” according to the developers, and he certainly knows his liquor. That proves to be a challenge for both Lola and Milo, who have to make their way through Hell, stopping by bars and other locations as they gather info from demons and have a little fun on the side, whether it’s with a quick drink or singing along to a little bit of karaoke. (Probably some “hell” related songs, along with some “Macarena” for good measure, we’d assume.)

It’s unknown what platforms Afterparty will be coming out for, but considering that Oxenfree made the rounds on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC, it’d be a surprise if we didn’t see it show up on those. It won’t be coming for some time, though, as it’s not likely to release until sometime in 2019. Still, it should be one hell of a party when it does get here. We'll certainly take another round of Oxenfree in the meantime.