Pac-Man Replica Arcade Game Introduced By Numskull, Will Be Limited Edition

Are you an arcade fanatic? Hey, who isn’t? We’re getting a lot more games as of late that [...]

Are you an arcade fanatic? Hey, who isn't? We're getting a lot more games as of late that celebrate the arcade culture while presenting a new way to play games, such as the Arcade1up lineup as well as Replicade's forthcoming Tempest and Centipede recreations. But now Numskull is joining the old-school party with a little hero of its own -- Pac-Man!

The company announced today that it is producing a special 1/4 scale playable replica of the original Pac-Man arcade game, in partnership with the team at Bandai Namco. Set to release later this year, the game stands at 16" tall and features a design strikingly similar to the 1980 arcade game that started it all.

Pac-Man 3

Limited to just 10,000 units (something tells us that it's going to go fast), the game features high-quality materials that replicate the arcade build, standing about 17" tall, 8.27" deep and 6.3" wide. It also features a pretty spiffy design with the original artwork, shape, wooden shell and buttons, all precise replicas of the original game. It also features a light-up mini-marquee and screen, which makes it easy to see all the dot-chomping action of the original. Go for that fruit!

The package will also come with an exclusive Pac-Man coin and collector's edition packaging, but "once they're gone, they're gone!" Numskull notes.

Pac-Man 2

This is just the first in the company's line-up of arcade games, which is under the brand name Quarter Arcades. It appears that other Bandai Namco arcade titles will be part of this line of games, including Galaga, Galaxian and Ms. Pac-Man. Release dates haven't been given yet, but the games are expected sometime in 2019. (Maybe we can get some Dig-Dug and Rolling Thunder games for good measure, yeah?)

You can check out a trailer for the Pac-Man arcade unit above and see how well it looks in action.

Pac-Man 4

Pre-orders are being taken over at Geekstore now, going for around 149.99 in British pounds (or nearly $200 in U.S. dollars). For a limited time creation that captures the spirit and feel of the original Pac-Man, this is a must for collectors.

We...want this. One for each desk in our office. We can write these off, yeah…?