Pathfinder's New Campaign Setting Adds Seedy Taverns for Adventurers to Explore

Pathfinder's newest campaign setting is fleshing out some of the most popular locales in fantasy [...]

Pathfinder's newest campaign setting is fleshing out some of the most popular locales in fantasy RPG games.

Every other month, Paizo releases a new Campaign Setting fleshing out some aspect of the world of Golarion, the continent on which the Pathfinder game takes place. While some Campaign Settings focus on different continents or cities in Golarion, other Campaign Settings focus on everything from lost treasures that Game Masters can incorporate into their game to potential rivals for a player's party.

This month's Campaign Setting focuses on taverns, a vital part of any fantasy tabletop game. Taverns often serve as hubs for adventuring parties, places where they can rest, gather information, and get a little local flavor about the area they currently explore.

Inner Sea Taverns provides Game Masters with six different pre-made taverns that can be used in the game. Each tavern has a full page map, stat blocks for the tavern's proprietor, and even a full history for the clientele that populates that bar.

However, the most useful part of the new Campaign Setting might be the new rules for bar fighting and pub games. After all, who hasn't wanted to instigate at least one bar fight by breaking a chair over the back of that one unruly drunk that's insulting your character?

Some of the taverns detailed in the Campaign Setting include:

  • Aeylinth Vineyard, a sophisticated treetop wine bar in the bustling city of Greengold, a prominent port of call in the elven nation of Kyonin.
  • Formidably Maid, a rough-and-tumble pirate bar located on the dockside outskirts of Port Peril, the capital of the privateer-infested archipelago known as the Shackles.
  • Runoff, an underground speakeasy in Starfall, where the drinks are spiked with mysterious fluids and the resistance against the Technic League is strong.
  • Whispering Stone, a partially open-air gambling hall and lounge in Osirion's Wati famous for the ancient, mostly buried statue that serves as its centerpiece.

Surprisingly, it doesn't appear that Inner Sea Taverns includes any stats for the Rusty Dragon Inn, arguably the most well-known tavern in Pathfinder. Of course, players have had plenty of opportunities to explore that tavern in Adventure Paths like Rise of the Runelords, Jade Regent, and Shattered Star, so maybe Paizo doesn't think it's necessary.

A print version of Inner Sea Taverns is available now on Paizo's website. Players can also pre-order Inner Sea Taverns on Amazon, or wait until the end of the month to purchase a PDF version from Paizo.