Rumor: A Perfect Dark Reboot is in Development

For years there's been rumors of a new Perfect Dark, but alas, nothing has ever come of said [...]

perfect dark
(Photo: Rare)

For years there's been rumors of a new Perfect Dark, but alas, nothing has ever come of said rumors. Hopefully a new rumor will change that though. According to an alleged industry insider, there's indeed a Perfect Dark game in development, a reboot to be more precise, and it may be revealed at E3 next month on Microsoft's stage. The rumor notes that the reboot will be in third person rather than first person, and will not be developed by Rare, but supervised by the team. In other words, it will be a similar situation to the upcoming Battletoads game, which is being developed by DLaLa Studios under the supervision of Rare.

That said, while the insider claims to be 100 percent certain the game is in development, they aren't confident that we'll see it this year, because it's still quite a ways off. In fact, the rumor seems to suggest it will most likely be revealed next E3 opposed to this one. As for Rare, the alleged insider claims it's working on a new IP that we won't see until next-gen.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. Over the years, many rumors and leaks have claimed a new Perfect Dark is in development, yet, here we are with no new Perfect Dark. It seems like every year the rumor mill produces a Perfect Dark rumor, hopefully this one is finally legit. Unfortunately, even if it is, we not find out until E3 2020.

For those that don't know: Perfect Dark debuted back in 2000 via Rare and the Nintendo 64. It's considered one of the best games of all-time, unlike its 2005 follow-up, Perfect Dark Zero, which was received well, but is nowhere near classic status. Since 2005, we haven't seen anything of the series beyond one remaster. In other words, a return is long overdue.

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