Performer May Have Given Away Nintendo's Next Big Project


When Donna Burke took to Twitter to drop the casual news that she was working on a new project with Nintendo, we wonder if she had any idea how much the more seasoned gamers would clamour to what this could mean. With Nintendo constantly expanding their library with both new, and retro, titles for their latest platform, Burke's simple message could mean big things for a classic franchise.

For those unfamiliar, Donna Burke is known for quite a few huge series - including the beloved F-Zero. Here are just a few of her works that she has attached to her name:

  • Various Metal Gear titles
  • Silent Hill 2
  • F-Zero GX
  • The Shenmue series
  • Final Fantasy
  • And more

That isn't including her musical work with other major franchises, as well. In a forum post speculating what this could mean, the comments got a little (predictably) weird, but with a few solid predictions as to what could be next from the Big N. Many were speculating with a new Metroid game, which coincides with the company stating that they had more plans for the series in the coming years, while others were thinking the more non-traditional roles such as Wario.

It will be interesting to see what's in store for Miss Burke, but personally I'm rooting for a new F-Zero game (crosses fingers). No new information at this time, but with Nintendo's next big direct slated for this upcoming January - we wonder if whatever project she is working on will be revealed then?