Persona 5 Fighting Game Could Be on Its Way

Even though it just released a new Persona 5 spin-off earlier this year with Persona 5 Strikers, it looks like Atlus could be continuing the series in a new manner down the road. Although Atlus and publisher Sega haven't announced anything in an official capacity just yet, some new maneuvers behind the scenes have indicated that a new Persona game--specifically within the fighting genre--could be in the works.

The reason for this belief comes as Atlus recently re-filed a handful of lingering website domains that it had in its control. Some of these domains in question weren't associated with anything in particular and are simply labeled Persona 8, Persona 9, and Persona 10. Perhaps the most intriguing website domain that Atlus has remained in control of, however, is to a prospective website titled "P5U.JP".

As for how this all ties back into Persona 5 getting a new fighting game, the P5U title is what indicates that Atlus could be working on such a project. For those unaware, Persona 4 actually received a fighting game that was known as Persona 4 Arena. Within Japan, this game was typically abbreviated as "P4U". With that in mind, to see this abbreviation show up once again with Persona 5 attached means that the studio could be working on a similar fighting game with the cast of the most recent mainline entry taking part.

It's worth stressing that for now, P5U.JP isn't a real website, meaning that this isn't something you can visit on your own. Atlus is simply squatting on the domain in the off chance that it happens to use it one day. However, the fact that the company opted to keep this domain rather than let it expire, which would have happened at the end of April, seems to tell us that something is going on. Whether or not we see an announcement tied to a potential Persona 5 Arena game remains to be seen. Still, with the franchise as a whole turning 25 years old this year, it stands to reason that Atlus will have something new to share before 2021 has wrapped up.

So what do you make of all of this? Would you like to see a new fighting game associated with Persona 5? Share your thoughts with me either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


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